Friday, June 1, 2007

Berkeley Pizza in New York

I tried to eat pizza from Cheeseboard for the first time when I was in Berkeley last November, but their precise hours and my vacationy attitude confounded the attempt. I've been wanting to try it ever since Priscilla told me about it before my trip, and I was bummed that I missed out.

Well, Priscilla brought me two slices of their goat cheese, tomato, and onion pizza from her last trip home! That pizza traveled 2600 miles! So after waiting 7 months plus 10 minutes of defrosting in the oven, I got my first taste of Cheeseboard for lunch.

It was really good. Even reheated. Well worth having it brought from across the country. The key is in their thin sourdough crust. It's crispy but has a nice chewiness at the same time. The goat cheese didn't hurt either. I doubt there's anything else like it outside of California.

It's definitely worth navigating the Cheeseboard's hours to get a bite of their pizza. I know better for next time.

The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective
1512 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
Hours: Beware!

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