Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bon Chon Chicken

Mabel and I decided to check out Bon Chon Chicken tonight. It's a Korean fried chicken place that was covered by the New York Times recently in this article.

The restaurant was way more hip than I expected. Since it was a fried chicken place on the second floor of an old building I expected a dive with fluorescent lighting and old simulated wood grain tables. But it was pretty much the opposite. Kind of trendy. Nice lighting, though a bit on the dark side. I guess the whole second floor thing ended up giving it a secret place kind of feel. Their door was all whatever.

The chicken was super good. We got the large Special which is a mix of chicken wings and drumsticks. I love that those are the only chicken parts that they sell (the best tasting parts), although I'm not sure why the thigh didn't make the cut. We also opted to get Ginger Soy on half our order and Spicy sauce on the other half.

The chicken wings are the best I've had. The closest rivals in my memory are the wings at Ye Olde Forge near Williamstown, MA. The wings at Bon Chon have very crispy skin and are perfect in combination with the flavor and heat of the Spicy sauce.

The drumsticks were also good, but pale in comparison to the wings due to the relatively low skin to meat ratio. The Ginger Soy sauce was tasty but did not go as well with the chicken as the Spicy sauce (even though it was less painful).

They had a small shredded salad and some cool, lightly pickeled radishes to ease the heat of the sauce. A beer was critical.

We also ordered French Fries with Rosemary. They were steak fries, but I would call them potato wedges they were so huge. I'm a fan of skinnier fries. But it came with a nice salty mustard mayonaise dipping sauce (my ideal french fry sauce next to aioli) in addition to ketchup.

And they deliver! They have cool take out containers which we used as a doggie bag. I think we'll be giving them a call pretty soon.

Bon Chon Chicken
314 5th Ave (at 32nd St)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 221-2222

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