Sunday, June 3, 2007


Last night we had Henry, Ben, Josh, and Eve over for dinner and drinks. Ben had just come in from out of town. I made chicken, spinach, and pho-stuffing with Amy's Bread bread. Mabel made an awesome fresh squeezed orange sherbet for dessert and a garlic herb dip from a mix. Henry brought a nice soft cheese and a refreshing white Burgundy which was perfect for the warm weather.

I broke out a bottle of Le Cigare Volant that I had been saving for a while. Henry pronounced it cooked, so I decanted it to bring it back a little. I suspect that that's just the style of that wine now. I liked it all right but not enough to give it another chance. Oh well.

I liked the bottle of Chateau Lalande-Borie enough to get it again. I wasn't in any condition to organize what I thought about it except that it had what I want in a Bordeaux plus something a little different.

And I was finally able to have an occasion to bring out the Tenzan sake that's been sitting in the fridge for a while.

Saint-Veran "Les Pierres Grises" 2005 (White Burgundy)
Le Cigare Volant (Bonny Doon) 2001 ooo
Chateau Lalande-Borie 2003 (Saint-Julien) ooo
Tenzan (Heavens Mountain) Junmai Genshu Sake ooo

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