Monday, June 25, 2007

El Presidente

Mabel was up in Washington Heights this morning to run some errands and play the piano, so we decided to get lunch at El Presidente.

I forgot how inexpensive restaurant food can be. Mabel got Stuffed Plantain with salad for $2.95. I got Roast Chicken with white rice and beans for $4.50. Bread comes with the meal. And we each got a $1.15 Cafe con Leche.

They gave me the white meat of the chicken and it was a bit dry, but that was mostly remedied with a squeeze of lime that comes with the dish. Mabel's plantain was pretty intense. It was a sweet plantain stuffed with a ground beef mixture. She liked it.

For some reason, the New York Times seems to like this restaurant a lot, especially Eric Asimov.

I like it too. Lots of food and very good coffee. And ridiculously cheap.

El Presidente
3938 Broadway (at 165th St)
New York, NY 10032

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