Friday, June 1, 2007

Soft Shell Crabs at Cottage Noodle Shop

Mabel has been excited about the soft shell crab season since reading Mark Bittman's soft shell crab sandwich article and seeing signs for it in restaurant windows.

So we walked up 9th Ave to Cottage Noodle Shop which had a particularly quaint handwritten soft shell crab special sign. (And also advertised them for $5 less than the Thai place next door.) The next day, when I took the picture, the sign was a particularly quaint computer-generated sign.

Mabel got soft shell crabs with ginger and scallion sauce. She liked them because it was crunchy and new and fun, but the sauce was kind of strong and she wished there were vegetables other than lettuce and decorative carrot.

I got noodles with roast pork. It was okay. The roast pork was mediocre and the "thin Cantonese noodles" weren't quite right.

But we really liked our waiter and, hey, it's Hell's Kitchen, not Chinatown, and it's cheap.

Cottage Noodle Shop
596 9th Ave (b/n 42nd and 43rd St)
New York, NY 10036

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