Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trip to Robert Moses Beach

Mabel and I got a Zipcar and went to Robert Moses Beach today.

We wanted to bring lunch and dinner to the beach so I figured that we could stop by the Harlem Fairway on the way. Except that I discovered it was way out of the way.

Fortunately, there's a Fairway on Long Island on the way to the beach. Who knew? These were our directions.

Wow! A suburban Fairway! We picked up our food and headed to the beach.

When we got there, we were so hungry we just started eating.

I had some rice, "Malaysian" spareribs, and fried shrimp from the pay-by-the-pound section at Fairway Cafe. The rice was edible, the spareribs were pretty good, and the fried shrimp was kind of chewy, but still okay. I've decided that spareribs are a pretty low risk food. It's difficult to mess up spareribs.

Mabel had a tuna salad. Which was just a regular tuna salad.

Everything was fine until the wind kicked in and got sand in our food. Beach picnics=bad idea. Best to keep things simple.

We had a tiny cooler to put our stuff in. I thought that having the ice packs underneath everything would keep the cheese cool enough, but I was wrong. The chocolate didn't melt at least. Also present is our customary bottle of Volvic. That water is our current obsession. The baguette from the Long Island Fairway was decent, unlike the terrible baguettes I once got at the Harlem Fairway. I'm glad we had the pineapple. It was good pineapple.

I was trying to figure out some function on my camera and took this picture by mistake.

This is Mabel's favorite Brie. It is called Delice de Bourgogne although the label had it as Belice de Bourgogne. She had it a few weeks ago for the first time. It's salty and awesome. Fairway's plastic wrap description of it is: "Fabolous [sic] triple-creme from France. This is what St. Andre tasted like ten years ago, before mass-production blandified it out of all recognition. If you like St. Andre, you'll love this. Insanely rich and decadent."

Boy, Fairway sure is bitter about St. Andre selling out. But I'm glad someone is keeping an eye out for these things. It really is a decadent cheese, even more so half melted.

We ate these wraps for dinner. They weren't very good and we could only eat half of each. Mine had just too much gorganzola and dried cranberries. Mabel could only eat so much soggy food (from being in the cooler). I will skip the wraps the next time around.

Late in the day, a fisherman set up shop in front of us. He looks kind of like Mario Batali, doesn't he? I didn't want to bother him so I never found out for sure.

We decided to go back to Fairway on our return trip.

We pretty much shopped like there was a hurricane or a big snowstorm coming: lots of toilet paper and paper towels, canned goods, pasta, beer, and a case of Volvic.

Fairway (Long Island)
50 Manetto Hill Mall
Plainview, New York 11803

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