Saturday, July 7, 2007

Artichokes in PA

We're at my parents' place in Pennsylvania for the weekend. I checked out how the artichokes are doing.

A few months ago I convinced my mom to try planting artichokes in her garden. I bought the seeds and we planted them inside during the winter. We had more than 14 seedlings by early spring.

All but 4 of them died suddenly. My mom planted the survivors in the garden while I was away. When I came back to visit, they were pretty puny and not doing so well.

I think my mom felt bad for me, because she went to the local nursery, bought 6 artichoke plants, and transplanted them to her garden. The next time I came to visit, I saw 6 large, floppy, ugly artichoke plants. She was surprised by how big they were. So was I. The original 4 were still not doing so well and were still pretty puny.

On this visit I noticed that the nursery artichokes are no longer floppy. They are robust and alive. But they are still large and ugly. Of the original 4 that we raised from seedlings only one survives due to a weeding accident involving my dad. Honestly, when I looked I couldn't distinguish the remaining plant from a weed either.

The nursery artichokes take up a large fraction of the garden. I feel a little bad. Maybe I shouldn't have convinced her to plant them.

But they haven't budded yet. Maybe we'll feel differently once we eat them.

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