Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dae Dong

Mabel, Mike, and I went to Dae Dong for dinner tonight.

I like this place for a few reasons. They have very good Naeng Myun, and the restaurant is pretty laid back and comfortable. We come here pretty often. It's good for large groups.

Mabel got Bibim Naeng Myun which was pretty intense but good. They don't make the mistake of giving you too much sauce.

I got regular Naeng Myun with extra noodles. I was really hungry. But I shouldn't have gotten the extra noodles. They really give you a lot more. I thought I was going to explode as I was finishing my last few bites.

Mike got Bibim Bop which he said was good.

Mabel overheard the waiters discussing whether they should have given us so much Ban Chan, but they'd already brought it out so they gave it to us anyway.

They also have these LCD TVs that play Korean pop concerts on repeat. It's pretty awesome.

Dae Dong
17 W 32nd St (btn 5th and 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10001


niko said...

Well... I wanted to correct a mistake and the whole comment was deleted :)

I was writing, that my experience there was not exceptionnal. I had chosen the Bul Go Gi and it was really good. The combination of spices was just how it should be. Unfortunately there was not enough on the plate. Even the girls who were with me that night complained. I honestly could have eaten another dish. Too bad...

David said...

Yeah, this place is solidly an Naeng Myun place. It's still nice for large groups and if you want a bit of variety, but if you exclusively want Bul Go Gi you need to go to one of the places that use hardwood coals. I haven't found a good place in Manhattan yet though I haven't looked very hard.

Also, if you only put in one order they typically won't even have it cook at your table which sort of defeats the purpose of going out to eat Bul Go Gi. (Although I guess most people don't make it at home.)