Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Han Bat

Mabel and I had a hankering for Soon Doo Boo so we went to Han Bat before seeing the fireworks tonight.

Han Bat is our go-to place for Soon Doo Boo. They make an excellent Soon Doo Boo, and we haven't found another place in New York that is better.

Because it was a little humid, I opted, for the first time, to get mine mild. I didn't want to sweat too much. I could tell that if I got medium spicy or something like that then I would become disgustingly sweaty.

Mabel ordered hers medium. Then I ordered mild. Our disbelieving waiter said, "Mild is under medium spicy," and paused so that I could correct my unmanly error. I said that I knew, and he said, just so he would not be liable for my man foul, "Okay, one medium spicy ... and one mild."

We also ordered Man Doo, which was good. Theirs has a light, textured crispy skin.

After we ordered, they brought our Ban Chan. I had forgotten how much Ban Chan they give. That alone makes me give Han Bat high marks. All this variety for two people. This place is great.

The Soon Doo Boo was fantastic as usual, at least Mabel's was. Mine was too mild, although that's what I asked for, but I'm still glad I did (I was willing to trade flavor for a dry dinner, this time).

I like that the spicyness comes with flavor. It's not spicy for its own sake, it's for the sake of a much more tasty dish.

We were really surprised by the shrimp in our Soon Doo Boo. We've never gotten a shrimp that big before. And it tasted really good. Mabel mentioned that the meat had a sweetness to it.

Han Bat
53 W 35th St (b/n 5th & 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10001

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