Sunday, July 1, 2007

Kum Gang San

My parents, James, Christine, and my three nephews were in town sightseeing today, and we decided to go to Kum Gang San for dinner.

This is the Korean restaurant to go to when you don't know where to go. They do groups very well and make a good variety of food. It's not really the best of anything, but it is good at most things.

I like the waterfall in the entrance. I know it's kind of a cheap trick (everyone loves a waterfall), but I do like waterfalls. Also, the white piano is awesome, although I've never seen someone actually play it.

We all had a great time despite my and Christine's Naeng Myun arriving after everyone else finished their meal. The food was good enough, and the kids had fun playing in the banquettes.

The paper placemats have an interesting ad for the house Kimchi. I thought it was worth transcribing the text:

Miraculous Taste of The Far East

New York Kimchi does not have an offensive order an offensive order. [sic]

Nutritional values increase when New York Kimchi is fully fermented.

1. New York Kimchi helps to remove toxic wastes from your digestive tract by drawing them out of your body.

2. Children love New York Kimchi for it has no offensive smell. New York Kimchi provides beneficial bacteria to everyone including the old and the weak.

3. New York Kimchi has been proven to eliminate and suppress harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning.

4. By using soybean protein instead of salted fish for fermentation, New York Kimchi contains plenty of bean oligo peptide, amino acid, calcium from vegetables, iron and vitamins.

5. New York Kimchi uses alkali water and low sodium.

Kum Gang San
49 West 32nd St (b/n 5th and 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10001

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