Sunday, July 1, 2007

Soul Fixins'

Last night Mabel and I went to Soul Fixins' for take-out on our way back from seeing Ratatouille (which was a great movie).

The food was okay. Mabel got baked chicken with rice and collard greens.

The rice was very bean-y which is good or bad depending on how much you like unadulterated beans. I liked the collard greens and thought they were better than average, though Mabel thought they were a little too sweet. Mabel also got an order of sweet potato pie. Neither of us have had it before. It is pretty much like pumpkin pie.

I got fried chicken with potato salad and mac and cheese.

The chicken was good. The mac and cheese was unusually bland. But the potato salad was awesome. It was zesty and satisfying. It would be worth making a trip to Soul Fixins' just to pick up an order of potato salad.

Soul Fixins'
371 W 34th St (at 9th Ave)
New York 10001

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