Monday, August 13, 2007

Artichokes in PA update 3

This is the only artichoke flower I have ever seen. It bloomed the day I arrived home on Saturday and it opened up even more when I took the picture on Sunday.

It looks like it should be growing in a coral reef. This confirms for me that the artichoke is an extraterrestrial plant. I wouldn't be surprised if a little alien crawled out of it next week.

Overall, the artichoke plants seem to be doing well. The smallest one that we raised from a seed is growing up. It's still a few months behind the others.

There's another plant that has opened up and is about to bloom, but I harvested that bud and am going to see if it is edible.

We're going to leave the flowering plant alone to see if we can get some seeds from it.


kookster said...

That is one cool looking flower. I had no idea artichoke flowers looked like that!

David said...

I didn't either! Can you believe you can eat something like that?

Ron McDonald said...

Yes, they do make beautiful flowers, I have some posted on my blog. I have been told that letting them flower will diminish future buds. What is your experience?
BTW.... those fried choke look delicious!

David said...

Ron: Those are great pictures of artichoke flowers. I love your blog!