Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bon Chon Chicken, part two

We went to Bon Chon Chicken for an early dinner and got a large order of chicken wings with spicy sauce.

For some reason I was curious about their Seafood Ramen. I probably shouldn't have gotten it. The noodles were the instant ones that are pre-fried and wavy. The broth was probably from a powder mix. However, they did put in their own seafood mix of bay scallops, mussels, small shrimp, and imitation crap meat.

I noticed a funky detail about the bill. The bill called the place "R Music Bistro Bar" which is an awesomely lame name. It had the wrong phone number but correct address. Also, they had to write in "rice" on the bill. I guess an order of rice was way off menu.

I have to mention a story Lei told me about the last time he tried to visit Bon Chon. He'd seen my post and read the Times article, and one day he was in the neighborhood. He couldn't remember the address, so he walked around looking for it. I'm not sure how he eventually found it, but miraculously he did. He took the stairs to the second floor, got to the sketchy-looking door, and found that it was locked. He knocked and knocked and no one answered. He could hear music inside, but still no answer. He went back downstairs, asked the security guy what was going on, and the security guy didn't have a clue. Some other people came into the building and tried to get into Bon Chon, but they couldn't either. So I guess it was closed. But it was dinnertime. And there had to be people there. Now he hates the place.

I believed the story, but I couldn't quite believe it. A Google search turned up a corroborating account from a Vicky L. on 5/25/07 at
Okay, now, let me begin by saying that I like Bon Chon's chicken a lot, and have been to their Flushing location several times.

One hot day in May, around lunch time, I decided to schlep quite a few blocks (while lugging a giant bag of books, I might add...) over to the Manhattan Bon Chon. It's on the second floor of a crowded block, and it's easy to walk right past it. Once I finally found it, I went into the building, got in the elevator, pressed "2," and waited. After about 30 seconds, when nothing seemed to be happening, I pressed the "Door Open" button, and realized that I had never in fact left the first floor! So I trudged up the grimy staircase, got to floor 2, tried to open the door, only to find it locked. Knocked on the door. No answer. Back down the stairs. In the elevator. Push "2." Wait. Get out. Go up stairs. Try door. Rinse and repeat several times. Finally, I decided to get in the elevator and try to go to the *third* floor, which miraculously worked. I asked someone who worked up there, it was a travel agency, I think, about Bon Chon. She never directly answered my question about whether or not the elevator was broken, but said that if I'd gone to the door on the second floor and knocked and no one came, then they "weren't there." Okay, Travel Agency Lady. It turns out one is supposed to "call ahead for hours." Hrmm. Quite an odyssey and I NEVER GOT ANY DANGED CHICKEN!! So I would definitely be cautious about calling ahead to see if there is a possibility that there will actually be someone there making chicken. And don't count on taking the elevator, either.

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Bon Chon Chicken
314 5th Ave (at 32nd St)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 221-2222

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