Monday, August 27, 2007

Dinner, August 26, 2007

Crystal, Susie, and Lisa Ahn came over for dinner last night.

I made them my lemon pasta, green beans with mint, and salmon over leeks with beurre blanc. Crystal helped clean the green beans and sliced up one of the heirloom tomatoes we got at the farmer's market on Saturday. There was bread from Sullivan Street Bakery and aioli that I made last weekend. I made Coco de Caramel for dessert.

The Columbus Circle Whole Foods let me down again. They sold me salmon filets that were not descaled, and they didn't offer to scale them for me. Also, it took me a while to find green beans that weren't yellow or dried out. Bottom line is that I had fish gunk all over me from scaling the thing and the kitchen still smells faintly of the salmon, I'm sure from some far-flung scale. But I suppose I can't be too annoyed. The salmon was good and fresh. And the green and non-limp green beans I did end up finding were fine.

Crystal and Susie brought this very nice Italian Gewürztraminer. I had no idea Italian Gewürztraminers even existed. It was tasty and sweet but balanced by good acid and went perfectly with the salmon.

On her way to dinner, Lisa had to search high and low for a wine shop that was open in our neighborhood but eventually succeeded in finding two nice bottles of white wine.

Mabel was on call.

St. Michael Eppan Gewürztraminer (Südtirol, Alto Adige) 2005

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