Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Salumeria Biellese

I was able to check out Salumeria Biellese today. I tried to stop by yesterday, but got there too late.

This place is supposed to have the best house-made charcuterie and sausage in the city. They supply many of the best restaurants here and outside the city. I was really surprised to find that they were only a few blocks away from our apartment.

Most of their business is wholesale, but they have a small retail element which sells sandwiches and a limited assortment of meats.

I got half a pound of Coppa and a whole piece of Guanciale. Guanciale is cured pig jowl and is perfect in Spaghetti Carbonara which I'll be making later this week. I'm going to make sandwiches out of the Coppa (and munch on it while I make dinner tonight). My initial assessment is that the Coppa is awesome.

Unfortunately, they only sell their slab bacon and pancetta wholesale. But if I ever need a whole side of bacon or a whole piece of pancetta I know where to go.

Salumeria Biellese
376-378 8th Ave (at 29th St)
New York, NY 10001
Open until 6pm Mon-Fri, 5pm Sat

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