Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shake Shack

Mabel and I went to Shake Shack last Monday evening.

When we got there, Mabel said, "Are you kidding?" It was 7:15 pm and the line was pretty long. We couldn't see the end of it.

When we did find the back of the line, we decided to make the best of the wait and get some custard and iced tea. There is an "A line" and a "B line." You can get burgers and shakes only in the A line which is the long one, but you can get everything else in the B line. I waited less than 5 minutes in the B line while Mabel held our place in the A line. I came back with a small Salted Caramel Custard and large Iced Tea.

The custard was really good. Mabel says, "The custard was the best thing ever. It was salted caramel which was key." We would come back for the custard alone.

After 45 minutes, we put in our order of 2 Double Shackburgers, 1 Cheese Fries, 1 Regular Fries, and 1 Chocolate Shake.

After another 15 minutes, our pager thing went off and we started eating. That's 1 hour from standing in line in daylight to the first bite of our burgers in the dark.

The burger was juicy and good. This is no small feat considering they subscribe to the thin patty style which can more easily dry out. I really liked that they buttered the bun. It was all good to eat.

Mabel felt differently. She noticed that there was no tomato even though the Shackburger is supposed to come with tomato. The piece of lettuce was laughably tiny. "I don't want to discourage people from getting a burger here. It was just not the best burger I've ever had. It might be the best burger for other people." She has a different Platonic ideal than others when it comes to burgers.

The Chocolate Shake was odd. At first it tasted powdery. After it melted some more it tasted syrupy.

The Regular Fries were pretty good. Crinkle cut, with a very crisp outside and a tender inside. I didn't like the Cheese Fries as much as the regular ones because they were not as crisp.

We are not coming back here for dinner. Mabel would like to come back on a nice day to get custard, but the food isn't worth the wait for us. I would definitely come back to get a burger if the wait were under 20 minutes, but an hour is just too long.

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park
Madison Avenue and 23rd Street

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