Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Blend Merlot

Last night we had one of the bottles of Two Buck Chuck that I got for $3 at Trader Joe's Wine Shop. It was a Merlot.

It was good. Better than most $10 wines. It is a good food wine. It has flavor but not too much. It has the right amount of tannin, the right amount of acid. Bottom line is that it's really cheap, but really well balanced.

For dinner I stir-fried spinach, snow peas, and whole scallions. (There were a lot of leftover vegetables in the fridge.) And I broiled a duck breast. I'm trying get better at making duck right now.

We finished off the peaches from last Saturday's farmer's market. I think it was the last chance to eat them.

And I surprised Mabel with the Joyce Bakeshop macaroons. (She actually discovered them earlier in the day.)

Trader Joe's Charles Shaw Blend Merlot 2004 o

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