Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Angel's Share

After it got dark and Mabel started getting bitten by bugs at D.B.A., we decided to move to Angel's Share.

Azusa had recommended this place a few months ago. The first time I tried to go it was packed and we couldn't get a place to sit. It being Labor Day (and Monday), the place was less than half full. It is on the second floor through an unmarked door off a restaurant called Village Yokocho.

We decided to sit at a counter at the window overlooking the square outside.

They have original cocktails which are delicious.

Mabel got a seasonal watermelon cocktail that was pink. I got one of their regular cocktails which was blue. Mabel was impressed by the blueness. She had never seen a blue cocktail before.

Blue, blue is the grass about the river
And the willows have overfilled the close garden.
And within, the mistress, in the midmost of her youth,
White, white of face, hesitates, passing the door.
Slender, she puts forth a slender hand

from The Beautiful Toilet, Ezra Pound

The service is interesting. They pour drinks from the shaker tableside and place chopsticks and food in front of you with ceremony. It was fun.

We also ordered a plate of dumplings which was better than we expected.

This is a really nice place for two people to have a drink. We had a wonderful time.

Angel's Share
8 Stuyvesant St (near 9th St and 3rd Ave)
New York, NY 10003


v said...

if u like great cocktails ala angel's share, try. . .

1.b-flat (original bartenders from angel's share)

2.death & co (ask for joaquin, a true foodie and talented mixologist)

3. pegu club (naren is great)

David said...

Thanks for the recommendations!

I've been to Pegu Club before and think it's fantastic. It's a lot of fun just sitting at the bar and watching the bartenders make drinks. Really intense.

I'd never heard of B-flat or Death & Co. I'm looking forward to checking them out.