Friday, September 14, 2007

Docks Oyster Bar Uptown

Mabel and I had dinner at Docks on the Upper West Side last Wednesday. The food was very good and we had a wonderful time.

We were there with Jason and Nicole for Nicole's birthday. Jason had heard good things about the place but neither of them had been there before. I didn't even know there was a seafood place on the Upper West Side. I know that's silly, but I don't know, it's true.

I got grilled red snapper. It reminded me of the broiled fish I used to eat as a kid at Menz when my family took our annual summer vacation to Wildwood.

Almost all of us got fried yams which were the best yam fries I've ever had and I've had yam fries from three different places. But really, they were very good. Who would have guessed?

Nicole got a lobster and impressively did not get any juice on her non-bibbed self. When I eat anything with an exoskeleton, I need a bib and I usually squirt the person next to me with claw juice.

Anyway, now we finally know of a good, well-priced seafood restaurant. Simple preparation, no nonsense, fresh and good seafood.

Docks Oyster Bar Uptown
2427 Broadway (btn 89th and 90th St)
New York, NY 10024

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