Sunday, September 23, 2007

Joe's Shanghai

Mabel and I went to Joe's Shanghai yesterday for some soup dumplings.

We waltzed in at 5, were seated right away, and got 1 order of crab and pork and 3 orders of pork soup dumplings. Mabel doesn't like the crab and pork as much as the pork alone. I just like the variety.

She noticed for the first time that they give you a little dish of black vinegar--which she likes--to go with the dumplings. I used it thinking that it was soy sauce and almost coughed up my food.

We ate too much. I think next time we'll get 3 orders of dumplings, especially since Mabel gets an order of rice on top of that. We walked out feeling like a couple of big dumplings.

Joe's Shanghai
9 Pell Street
New York, NY 10013


L said...

how come this was the first time they gave you the vinegar? soup dumplings are supposed to be served with vinegar (and ginger).

David said...

I think they've always given us vinegar and ginger. This is just the first time we thought to notice it. We didn't really know any better before. That black vinegar has got some kick to it.