Monday, September 17, 2007

Oko, part two

We all went to Oko after dinner. It's still not that crowded.

I talked to one of the people working there and he says that they've only been open for 3.5 months. Hopefully business will pick up and they stick around.

My previous suspicion that Oko's fro-yo is a bit richer than Pinkberry's was corroborated by Mabel, her brother, and the guy working the counter. It turns out that they use Greek yogurt. I'm not exactly sure what that would do, but I guess it makes for a richer product.

This time around I noticed how difficult it was to throw anything away. So much pressure not to commit an environmental faux pas.

There is a definite environmental theme going on here in contrast to the emphasis on Italian knick knacks present at Pinkberry. An Inconvenient Truth was playing on their TV. Awesome.

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Update 10/1/07
Dave McDougall reports, "The secret is out!" Oko was packed the last time he walked by.

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