Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paris Commune

Elliott and his parents were in town at the end of last week, so they invited the whole Williams crew to get together at Paris Commune Friday night.

I think Henry suggested the place. I don't know how he finds these places, but the atmosphere was just right for the gathering. And they were able to manage the group of 10 just fine.

Elliott's mom got a kick out of the bunnies on this wine bottle.

It was good. There was another wine we had later that tasted a lot like grapefruit. Two out of two is pretty good. My impression is that they keep a quality wine list.

The food was a mix. Mabel got the sole special. They said it came with beurre blanc, but the sauce only resembled beurre blanc in texture. It was sort of orange in color and tasted like a dessert sauce. Maybe they got the sauce bottles mixed up? It didn't really seem like a play on classic beurre blanc. Anyway, kind of weird. And they only gave her one tiny sole fillet. Kind of ridiculous.

My duck confit was okay, although it seemed like it was under a heat lamp for a while.

Josh got something interesting: ostrich. He let everyone have a taste and it was delicious. If I ever come back I'm going to get me some ostrich.

Mabel liked the atmosphere of the place. Even though it was Friday night, it wasn't too crowded. And there was a romantic feel to the place. But her favorite thing was that they had these paintings of burlesque girls on the walls.

Paris Commune
99 Bank Street (at Greenwich Street)
New York, NY 10014

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