Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ramen Setagaya

Our goal for Saturday was to eat at Ramen Setagaya for lunch and see the new Wes Anderson movie. Along the way we stopped by the Union Square Greenmarket, got bubble tea, bought wine, and had decent falafel.

I've been seeing Ramen Setagaya written about all over the place. I told Lei that there was this new ramen shop that everybody has been saying is the real thing, and he went to check it out. He walks the earth, like Caine from Kung-Fu. Except instead of looking for his brother, he is on a quest for the perfect bowl of ramen in the tri-state area. I'm not sure if he knows Kung-Fu, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Anyway, he says that it was the best shio ramen he has ever had in Manhattan. So I had to make a trip to check it out myself.

I had a sense that the line at Setagaya was going to be really long, so we rushed over there from the subway stop. There were two Asian couples walking in front of us that, for some ridiculous reason, we thought were on their way to the exact same place. So we passed them. I mean, who's ever seen Asian people in the East Village? And of course they're going to an Asian noodle shop, and how many of those could there be in the neighborhood?

So, there was no line. We got seated immediately.

Those 2 couples never did show up. Maybe they got lost after we left them behind.

Lei suggested getting extra egg and extra pork, both of which came before the noodles. The egg was awesome.

So good. Perfectly soft boiled, it was somehow salty and flavorful all the way through. We'd never had a better soft-boiled egg. And for $1! I would have been happy just eating 6 of these for lunch.

The pork was great too. The pieces were grilled. Some pieces were lean and a little dry, some almost all fat and awesome.

When the Shio Ramen came out Mabel and I stopped talking to each other. I only realized this after about 5 minutes of eating in silence and said, "Hey, we stopped talking." She nodded but didn't seem to be paying attention to what I was saying.

So the noodles were really good. Mabel says that it was the best ramen she has ever had. I thought the whole meal was fantastic. We'll be back.

Ramen Setagaya
141 1st Ave (btn 9th St and St Marks Pl)
New York, NY 10003


dave said...

It's too bad I'm at work and it's 11 AM, because now I am really hungry for Ramen.

David said...

Go after work! It's sort of on the way for you, isn't it?

v said...

there's supposed to be a great malaysian restaurant adjacent to setagaya called oriental spoon. i've been meaning to check it out, but if you beat me to it, lemme know how it is!

David said...

Hey V,
I never even knew the name of the restaurant until you mentioned it. It's a weird arrangement they have there. Setagaya is pretty much inside Oriental Spoon. If I ever try it out, I'll let you know how it is.

Anonymous said...

I heard that there is a new sake bar named Oni behind the ramen resturant. There is some pretty good stuff there. you guys should go check it out.

David said...

Cool, next time we're there maybe we'll get some sake at Oni. Thanks for the rec.