Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A sandwich miracle

I had a sandwich miracle this morning. Last night Mabel said that I should make a sandwich with some prosciutto she had just bought. I said, but what about bread, then I noticed a loaf of Amy's Bread on the counter. Okay, sure I'll make a sandwich.

I went to make it this morning and found that she had bought the really good stuff, Prosciutto di Parma. I mean, it would have been cheaper to buy my lunch. Awesome, what a treat. And then there was the fresh bread. What could be better? Hey, it would be nice if I could put some basil on it, I thought. I open the fridge and find a ziplock bag of plucked and washed basil. Unbelievable. What about tomatoes? Right in front of me was a cup of cherry tomatoes. I cut those up. How about cheese? We just bought a fresh wedge of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and I sliced some off with a cheese planer. A little olive oil and salt on the bread and there it was, my little sandwich miracle.


vickie said...

what's better than fred astaire?

dave said...

I love the idea of you exclaiming "It's a sandwich miracle!" in front a freshly-made sandwich in your kitchen.

David said...

It really was. We never keep basil in the fridge, and finding washed and plucked basil was a miracle. I mean, who keeps basil on hand?