Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chicago Hot Dogs

I went to Chicago last weekend to see Dan, Ben, and Azusa. My secondary mission was to sample Chicago hot dogs.

I was able to check out three places. I think they were fairly representative. One of Azusa's friends in Chicago, Leann, said that you basically want a Vienna all beef dog. It also seems that the Char Dog, or grilled dog, is the way to go. Toppings were typically pickle, tomato, relish, onion (grilled or raw), mustard, sometimes ketchup, and celery salt. The last two places I went used a poppy seed bun which was nice. The celery salt was an interesting addition that I've never heard used on hot dogs, and it's something I'll try using when I grill hot dogs in the future. Whenever I could, I got everything on my hot dog except for ketchup.

I ate my first Chicago hot dog at Hot Diggity Dog. We passed by on our way from free drinks in Millenium Park to MoCA (which ended up being closed).

I got a boiled hot dog with pickles, tomato, relish, and mustard on it. And a malted chocolate shake. I don't think I've ever had a malted shake before but it was awesome. It was like drinking a liquefied box of Whoppers.

The second place was on Monday--the day we all left--near Daniel's apartment.

It's called The Wiener's Circle.

This is where I got my first Chicago char dog.

Everyone loved the boardwalk-style fries. Out of the three places, The Wiener's Circle was the best overall hot dog and eating experience. Daniel and Gwen are very lucky to live in the neighborhood.

And the final place was at Gold Coast Dogs in Midway Airport on my way back to New York.

I got a Jumbo Char Dog here.

All in all I would say that Chicago hot dogs are a fresher, brighter style of dog. It was sort of weird having an entire pickle wedge in the bun, but it's good eats. As far as Chicago dogs being the best hot dogs in the country, I would say that that's comparing apples to oranges. Personally, I prefer the bacon-wrapped hot dogs from street carts in the Mission area of San Franciso, but it's clear that's an unfair comparison.

Hot Diggity Dog
251 E Ohio St
Chicago, IL 60611

The Wiener's Circle
2622 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60614

Gold Coast Dogs
Midway Airport Food Court
5700 S Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL 60638


Gwen said...


Can't believe you had another dog at the airport. Hilarious!


David said...

On my way into Chicago, it was the first hot dog stand I saw. I can't believe I didn't have one then.