Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Trader Joe's Wine Shop, part two

We stopped by Trader Joe's Wine Shop on the way to the Greenmarket on Saturday to order three cases of wine.

We got two of the Charles Shaw Merlot and one assorted case of mostly cheap white wines. Like $4 cheap.

I'm planning on using a lot of red wine in my cooking this fall and winter, so that's what prompted it. Also, we figured that the $15 delivery charge would be more worth it if we bought in bulk. It was nice getting delivery. The wine beat us back home.

The salesperson that helped us out was really good. When I asked for an inexpensive dry white, he said, "Under $5 or under $10?" He suggested pretty much exactly what we were looking for, then described a few other choices a little outside our range. He was pretty much the ideal wine saleperson.

While we were checking out, Mabel overheard someone at a nearby register ask for a student discount. That would be awesome.

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