Saturday, November 24, 2007

Best mint ever

After Joe's Shanghai, we wanted to get a drink. We came really close to getting a novelty cocktail at Benihana, but concluded that it might not be so fun (and funny) after all. I've always wanted to eat there, though, even though I know it's kind of tacky.

Anyway, we decided it'd be better to just make mojitos at home, but we were out of mint. We passed by a random Ernest Klein supermarket and found the best mint I've ever seen.

I guess I'm easily impressed. I don't know. But the leaves were huge, the bundle overall was pristine, and it was super fragrant. Anyway, it was notable.

Between finding the miracle mint and reaching the E train, we were drawn into an alley between 55th and 54th St by a sign for The London hotel. I wanted to see if we could check out the new Gordon Ramsay restaurant on the cheap by getting a drink at the bar. It was nice inside. We never actually went inside, but we were on our tiptoes looking in. The bar was full. We both felt a bit like ragamuffins watching the rich through the windows. There was even a boy out on the street asking if someone would donate a coat. He was really trying to scam them, but I imagined that he wasn't.

Ernest Klein supermarket
1366 6th Avenue (btn 55th and 56th St)
New York, NY 10019

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