Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dinner 11/15/07

Mabel put together dinner tonight.

She made Patricia Wells' Pan Bagna which is a Provençal sandwich containing anchovy, tuna, red pepper, and other goodies. She's made it several times before, so she's pretty good at it.

Mabel also picked up this French cheese called Chaource from Buon Italia. Cecile said that she recognized it from France. At the stage of ripeness that we had it, it was like two cheeses. The outside was gooey, and the middle was almost chalky.

We could only eat that little slice. The entire thing was half a kilo. Hopefully it'll get eaten at Thanksgiving dinner.

We had this really wonderful wine with dinner tonight.

It smelled like a moscatel, but it wasn't sweet. It was buttery and a bit viscous, but then turned light and fresh in the mouth and had a long finish.

I bought it from Italian Wine Merchants because the salesperson said that this is the kind of wine that Italians would drink on a fine spring day on the terrace of a cafe. You can't really walk away from a description like that even when you know he probably gets a commission. After a sip of the wine Mabel thought the description was apt.

Poggio Le Volpi Frascati Superiore People 2005 oo

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