Monday, November 12, 2007

Fresco Tortillas

We ate at the Fresco Tortillas in our neighborhood twice last week.

The first time, we were just wandering around looking for a cheap place to eat. We gave it a shot and it was pretty good. It doesn't seem authentic at all, but the food tastes really good and it's filling. The tortillas are freshly grilled. I remember saying that we could probably make the grilled steak they serve in their tortillas, but at these prices why would we? Mabel got a burrito and I got a tortilla combo deal with grilled chicken and steak.

The second time we went, we were looking for a place that still served food at 10:45 PM. All the kitchens on 9th Ave close at 10:30! Fresco Tortillas came through for us. The person at the counter was really enthusiastic about the chicken quesadilla, so I got one. And a taco. Mabel got another burrito, and we shared a thing of nachos with guacamole.

We got a kick out of their Zagat rating from 1994.

Fresco Tortillas
536 9th Ave (btn 39th and 40th St)
New York 10018

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