Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grand Sichuan 11/10/07

We went to Grand Sichuan last Saturday for dinner and ended up waiting 50 minutes for a table. That's longer than Shake Shack!

A passerby asked us how long the wait was and we said that we were told 20-30 minutes. He said, "Oh, so 45 minutes." At the time I thought, what a rude thing to say. But I guess he knew what he was talking about.

When we finally got seated, we noticed that they gave us paper plates.

We're not really that picky, but we were not going to eat off of paper plates after waiting 50 minutes, especially when no one else in the restaurant was eating off of paper plates. They swapped them out for us.

In the end, Mabel says the wait was worth it. We got Double Cooked Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce, Auzhou Spicy Fresh Chicken, and Sauteed Three Greens.

The Double Cooked Pork with Black Bean Sauce was amazing. We tried it because the double cooked pork we got at Wu Liang Ye last month was a little gross, and I wanted to see how Grand Sichuan would handle it. We wavered between fatty or lean, and I'm glad we ordered the fatty part. Mabel says that it was the best bean sauce she's ever had. She noted that she has been using a lot of superlatives since we've been starting to eat out more often, but she means it.

The Auzhou Spicy Chicken wasn't the same as when we had it before, but it was still really good. I had been craving this particular dish lately, so it was a little disappointing that it wasn't the same. Last time it was spicier and the chicken wasn't battered. This time the chicken was lightly battered. Maybe there was a mix up. Who knows?

Since we got 3 dishes, we were planning on having leftovers, but we ended up eating everything.

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