Thursday, November 29, 2007

Setagaya, part two

Mabel's on home call tonight, so we thought we'd have dinner on the east side in case she got an early page.

Actually, I wanted to find a way to rationalize a meal at Setagaya and that was a pretty good reason.

She ordered the Tsuke-men this time, which is a dish with the noodles separated from the broth. The noodles are broader than the ramen noodles, and they're cooled a bit. The broth is almost the same as the ramen broth, but it's more concentrated.

She really liked it. I think that's what she's going to be getting from now on. She likes things separated.

I got Shio Ramen.

I tried the Tsuke-men on a previous visit and while I like the Tsuke-men noodles way more than the Ramen noodles, I find that the Ramen as a whole is more satisfying. The Ramen somehow seems more harmonious and balanced. And there's more stuff. And it stays warm the whole time whereas the Tsuke-men starts getting cold right away.

I thought about whether it would be possible for them to make an ultimate version that takes the Tsuke-men noodles and puts them into the Ramen. But I think that would probably not seem quite right. Even though there are specific things about each dish that are better than the other, they are perfect compositions on their own. At least that's true for the Shio Ramen.

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