Thursday, November 8, 2007

Terrific Broth

I'm in lab waiting for my gel to finish running so I thought I'd do a post about lab food.

"Molecular Genetics Powder" translates into "This is food for bacteria." I'm tempted to see how terrific it really is, but I'm not so brave.

Although if Wylie Dufresne is using agar agar in his food, I wonder what's stopping him from moving on to Terrific Broth for his soup stock.


Dirk VandePol said...

2yt media comes in little tablets, and you add 36 tablets to your flask to make a liter.
11:55am Today I popped one of those in order to get a rise out of a colleague. She thought I was crazy. The real fact is that I am just not too bright.
Anyway, my stomach feels a little funny right now, but I think that's because I popped the pill but didn't wash it down with any water. I have thus far only had a single medious burp. I will keep you posted.

Dirk VandePol said...

This just in: 2yt media in pellet form is perfectly safe to eat in tablet form,as I popped yesterday one with no ill effects thus far.
However, it cannot be concluded definitively that man can live on 2yt media alone, as I ate three pieces of pizza afterward.

David said...

Hey, thanks for taking one for the team and popping a 2yt tablet. I wouldn't expect any ill effects. I think people might be afraid of cell media because they conflate the media with the bacteria. Also, because eating cell media is kind of gross.

Let me know if you ever go on a 2yt media diet. I would bet that you could live on it indefinitely. Man cannot live on bread alone, but bread does not contain the complete protein and vitamin complement of 2yt.