Saturday, November 3, 2007

Zabar's Nova Salmon

Mabel and I were near the Upper West Side last Sunday so we stopped by Zabar's to pick up some of their Nova Salmon.

We've been there before to buy stuff for the kitchen, and also to buy cheese and coffee and bread, but we've never tried their smoked fish. Which is crazy since that's their thing.

Anyway, it's something wonderful. They hand slice the salmon for you to order. And it's, as Mabel puts it, the smoothest silkiest creamiest salmon ever. It's milder than what we're used to, but I think that's because the flavors are more balanced. It's definitely the best smoked salmon we've ever had. I can't believe this has been around for all this time and I'd never tried it before. It seems somewhat of a crime to buy lox at Gristedes with Zabar's in the city.

2245 Broadway (btn 80th and 81st St)
New York, NY 10024

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