Saturday, December 8, 2007

Harlem Fairway trip surprise

I thought it would be nice to reserve a Zipcar and go to the Harlem Fairway for groceries tonight. Mabel and I ended up getting so much stuff that the receipt was 3.5 feet long.

They had a fresh mozzarella station near the cheese department which I thought was super cool. It was still warm when I picked it up. Mabel was underwhelmed and pointed out that it was the third time I'd mentioned the cheese was warm when I bought it.

Anyway, aside from being overcharged for a persimmon, the trip was as nice as trips to the Harlem Fairway are when you have your own car.

The surprise for us was on the way back when we spotted a Christmas tree outpost on 11th Ave near 50th St. I pulled over and Mabel got out and grabbed what the tree guy called "a Charlie." As in the sad little Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas. We put it in the back of the car with our groceries.

When we got home I put it in the stand and Mabel decorated it.

We got our lights last year when I was tutoring a 10th grader in Chemistry. His younger brother went out and bought a string of lights from a drug store, and his mom was all "Why'd you get Christmas lights!" and he was all abashed and said, "I thought we could put them in the window." I asked what the big deal was and it turned out I forgot they were observant Jews. They gave me that string of lights and some Christmas wrapping paper that the younger brother bought on a separate trip. We didn't have a tree at the time, and those lights inspired us to get our first Christmas tree in Washington Heights.

I'm glad we got a chance to use them again this year.

Fairway Market (Harlem)
2328 12th Ave (at 132nd St)
New York, NY 10027

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