Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shangrila Express at the Javits Center

Last Saturday on the way back from Fairway, we ran across something more random than the Christmas tree sellers.

We were rushing back to the apartment with only 15 minutes to get the Zipcar back in the lot. I was taking a left from 11th Ave onto 36th St, right in front of the Javits Center, and on that corner was a bright light in the darkness. It was a food cart. At 7:45pm. In the middle of nowhere.

We had to stop.

I was so confused. It didn't make any sense. And where did all these Asian people come from? There were about 10 of them in line and eating to the side. It was surreal.

Things became a bit more clear when I asked the cart person how long they'd been here. It turns out that they're usually in Jackson Heights and they made a special trip just for the night. Apparently, there was an Indian Idol concert going on at the Javits Center. That prompted two questions. What on Earth is Indian Idol and the Javits Center has concerts?

When we got back to the apartment, we dug in to find out how a Momo differs from other dumplings and whether a Shangrila was better than regular chicken and rice.

The Momo were pretty good. The Shangrila Chicken was better than typical chicken and rice. It was curried and there were some dessert-like spices thrown into the mix. It isn't worth a special trip to Jackson Heights, but it was still pretty cool that we caught them at the right moment.

I did some googling and found this article from Gothamist. The first Tibetan food cart in the city. Awesome. And it's called the Shangrila Express. And, at least from the Gothamist review, it seems like their hours and typical location are difficult to maneuver. So it's even more miraculous that we stumbled upon them in the wrong neighborhood.

I found out that the Indian Idol is this person named Prashant Tamang. I still have no idea what the hullabaloo is about.


dave said...

Indian Idol = American Idol for India (or rather, Pop Idol, since the British version is the original). Prashant Tamang was the winner last season (Season 3).

David said...

Is Indian Idol on TV here?