Saturday, January 5, 2008

B flat

Mabel and I made it out to B flat last week on the Friday of errands.

The first time I tried going I noticed that it was right next to Collecive Unconscious where Eve had one of her shows not that long ago. I'd walked right by the bar without knowing what it was. That was interesting, but it was closed. They're closed on Sunday.

The second time I tried going, it was before 8:30 PM, and that particular day they didn't open until 8:30 PM.

Each of those times I ended up at Petrarca--which is just up the street--for a glass of wine.

They've got a fantastic Italian-centric wine list and nice marble bar. The waiters seem fresh from Italy (one of the bartenders said she arrived from Italy the day before although Crystal suspected an Eastern European connection), and it's a nice place albeit a bit conservative and casually aristocratic. I found out that it's the sister restaurant of Arqua which is just across the corner. (Arqua Petrarca is a town in northeastern Italy. Clever.) James says that Arqua has a great risotto.

Anyway, on my third try it was open.

I first heard of B flat from V, of The Fabulous Life of V. It's a basement bar, started by the same people responsible for Angel's Share. Their drinks are great and the bartenders are professionals. I ordered an Old Fashioned that came with a single, large, hand-chiseled, rectangular ice cube. I think Crystal would love the ice cubes at this place.

The jazz and lighting are just right, though the crowd wasn't as interesting as the one you'd find at Angel's Share. But B flat is not nearly as packed, so there's the trade off.

B flat
277 Church St (btn Franklin and White St)
New York, NY 10013

Petrarca Vino E Cucina
34 White St (at Church St)
New York, NY 10013

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