Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oysters from Citarella

I got some oysters from Citarella last week, half a dozen Wellfleets and half a dozen from Fisher Island.

Citarella is the best place I know of to get oysters.

The Wellfleets are usually my favorites from Citarella, but the fishmonger said that the Fisher Island ones were looking pretty good too, so I gave them a try.

The Fisher Island shells were beautiful and the oysters were plump, fresh, and awesome. These are my new favorites. Or maybe they were just the freshest of the bunch.

Citarella will shuck oysters for you, at just an extra $1 per 6. I wish I knew about that a while ago. It's totally worth it for me. I average about 30 seconds to a minute per oyster (probably closer to a minute), and I don't have to scrub them and get all set up. And worry about stabbing myself. And they give you lots of ice.

2135 Broadway (at 75th St)
New York, NY 10023

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