Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 12, 2008

Mabel had to be on call today (4/13/2009) so we did stuff for her birthday yesterday. We saw an apartment on 45th and 9th Ave (not a good one) and had lunch at Marseille. Then we went to Sam Ask near Times Square, sampled a bunch of electric pianos, and bought one.

We went to the Central Park Zoo, and Mabel got to pet some farm animals. We actually ended up making it to the West Side shooting range, but only 20 minutes before they closed. We're going to have to get there earlier next time. We met up with Ben Djang for dinner at Lucien at 1st and 1st. The restaurant was solid, although I tipped less than I wanted to because I can't multiply by 2. We got smoothies at Ben and Jerry's (and I finally saw where Otofuku is) and called it a relatively early night. It was exhausting, but lots of fun.

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