Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Izakaya Ten

Mabel and I went to Izakaya Ten (on 3/4/08) after I saw it in a ramen article that Priscilla sent me. It's right in our neighborhood. A ramen place in our neighborhood!

We got seated in the back area. The echo was awful and we were right next to a really obnoxious group with nail-on-blackboard voices and irritating laughs. All I could hear were stories about how awesome Jagermeister is.

As an izakaya, it didn't come close to being as good as Hagi, and it was about 50% more expensive. We got a Tofu Salad, Asparagus with Mayo, and Ginger Pork Belly. I got their Ramen.

Their Ramen was pretty good and at $8 a relatively good value.

But I couldn't really tell how good any of the food was because the back room acoustics with that terrible group was really stressing me out.

By the end of the meal I was pretty tense. I want to give them another try and sitting not in the back. I'm unwilling to give up on the place. It's in our neighborhood. The ramen is at least decent, probably better than decent. And on Tuesdays they take $20 off any bottle of shochu, which is crazy. That's almost at cost. But I think Mabel has already made up her mind that she doesn't want to go back.

Izakaya Ten
207 10th Ave
New York, NY 10011

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