Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reusable Whole Foods bags

My train got stuck at Columbus Circle on the way home last night. There was a stalled train in front of us. So I figured I might as well go to Whole Foods instead of waiting for who-knows-how-long on the train.

I went to pick up a Bell & Evans duck. They had them!

The express line is usually ridiculously long, but yesterday it was especially ridiculously long. I had an interesting conversation with a guy in line about the ethics of eating meat. He'd just seen Fast Food Nation and was trying to eat more organic meat but I think he still felt a little guilty about eating meat in general. I'm currently reading The River Cottage Meat Book, and I was trying to convince him that he shouldn't feel at all guilty about eating meat, particularly meat that has been well-raised. There is an ethically sound justification for eating meat that is as convincing (at least in my mind) as the vegetarian or vegan stance. But I'm not going to go into that now.

Anyway, Priscilla told me that Whole Foods has these cool reusable grocery bags, so I was looking forward to getting one of those too. I got an extra one for Mabel. It has an awesome oyster theme. I love oysters.

I might be warming up to Whole Foods after all. These reusable bags and the switch from plastic might end up doing some good. Although, instead of wrapping my duck in it's own plastic bag, they used a paper one which got soaked and let raw duck juice get all over my oyster bag. Hmm.

Update 4/28/08: Lei tells me that there are $12 canvas bags being sold as well. But the oyster bags (or whatever design they switch to next) only cost $1, and I think you should be able to ask for them at the checkout counter. You also get a $0.15 discount for bringing your own bag.

Update 5/5/08: Priscilla tells me that they reduced the discount to $0.10.


muriel said...

I love oysters too!! I got a reusable bag from the green market. I was first really happy and had more confidence in the human kind but then I realized that I still had to wrap my apples in a plastic bag, before them being weight! The way is still long...

David said...

Oysters are awesome.

I would think that they could use small paper bags to weigh the apples, but it's good to know that some people are trying their best.