Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yakitori Totto

Jen and Soes were really excited for us to try out Yakitori Totto, so we all went several weeks ago (March 14).

Totto is pretty nice--not a hole-in-the-wall kind of place--and the prices are good.

We got kobe beef tongue (Soes' favorite), soft chicken bone (not that great or edible), chicken oysters (awesome, and not what it might sound like), some salad, some tofu, and some of the most perfectly grilled rice balls.

We shared a bottle of Dassai sake and a good time was had by all.

Yakitori Totto
251 W 55th St (btn 8th Ave and Broadway)
New York, NY 10019


sh76 said...

Thanks for introducing us to Dassai sake, Dave! :) You'll have to let us know how you like Ippudo.


David said...

Hey, thanks for introducing up to Yakitori Totto! I didn't realize there are a couple other Totto restaurants. I want to try out the soba one now.