Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Local eggs

I got to do some fly fishing last weekend while I was at home. There are a couple of decent trout creeks within a 15 minute drive of my parents' place.

It had been raining the day before and I didn't catch any trout, but I did find a small family farm (about 50 acres) that sold their own chicken eggs.

My dad and I actually saw the farmer as he was walking down the driveway to put up the sign. He gave us directions to the fishing access point, and we came back later for the eggs.

He gave us a little tour of the two coops.

The hens seemed to be mixed in with the roosters. I'm not sure if that would make for happier chickens or not. But they're definitely cage-free and the feed is from the farm itself.

And only $2 for a dozen eggs!

One of the two sons, Cory, is in charge of the chickens and the eggs. He labels recycled egg cartons with a Post-It carrying his stamp.

The other son, Kristian, just started fattening pigs last year. Last year he had 3, and it sounded like it worked out well enough. So he's going to be fattening 6 this year. He sells them by the half or the whole. I'm totally going to buy half a pig from him. My parents have already donated a portion of their large freezer for me to use.

Their main business is hay for horse farms, and they gave me the number of a horse-raiser who also does ducks and geese on the side. I think we might be having duck this weekend.

Trauger's Farm
424 Dark Hollow Rd
Pipersville, PA 18947

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