Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boom Boom Chicken

Priscilla and I biked to Boom Boom Chicken in Fort Lee last Wednesday. Fried chicken in Fort Lee is starting to turn into a weekly thing.

Boom Boom Chicken used to be a Bon Chon Chicken. But the owners decided that they wanted to upgrade the sauce, and they broke off from the franchise. It reminds me of McDowell's from Coming to America.

We were the only ones eating in the store. I don't think they ever expect anyone to eat there for lunch on a Wednesday because they had the air conditioner off and it was not comfortable. But they turned in on for us after we ordered.

We got a mix of mild and hot wings. The wings were huge. I thought some of them might have been small drumsticks, and when I mentioned it to the owner she said that her purveyor delivered the wrong sized chicken wings. There was a delivery going on while we were eating, and I figure that might have been the replacement delivery. So the wings we got were probably not representative.

But they were really good. The mild soy garlic wings had a deep flavor. The spicy wings were not nearly as spicy as Bon Chon wings, but the flavor was still there. And the skin was just perfect, the Platonic ideal of fried chicken skin.

I don't want to say whether Boom Boom is better than Bon Chon or not. They are different, though definitely in the same fried chicken category. But right now I am thinking of Boom Boom, and I want to go back as soon as I can.

Boom Boom Chicken
553 Main Street
Fort Lee, NJ 07024


v said...

i have recently become addicted to bon chon (actually rock star music factory) in k-town. . . but i'm all for a taste test.

David said...

That's awesome! I love Bon Chon! I'm not sure what you mean by rock star music factory. Is it because it's really loud in there? I'm starting to think that the lounge atmosphere could be seen as ironic, although there's something very earnest about the place. Anyway, if you're addicted to Bon Chon, then you'll definitely like anything approaching the same style. If you're ever driving through Fort Lee, hope you give Boom Boom a try.