Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cafe Habana To Go

It was the best of corn, it was the worst of corn ...

Mabel and I just got back from Cafe Habana To Go. The cafe was packed, and we thought it would be nice to sit outside on one of their benches.

About two weeks ago we made the trip over just for the corn, independently recommended by Jen, Soes, and Priscilla. It was awesome corn. Mabel says that it was probably the best corn she'd ever had. They spread some sort of creamy cheese over super sweet, juicy grilled corn and sprinkled it with crumbly cheese and a red spice. I'm not sure what that red spice was. Maybe paprika? And they gave you a wedge of lime to squeeze over it all. It was great.

We were expecting a similar experience tonight, but at least from a corn perspective we were disappointed. The corn was hard, dry, and tasteless. It was a completely different thing. It was definitely an off night, but it was surprising anyway. Mabel was stunned. She said it was the worst corn she'd ever had. How could something so good be so bad?

Anyway, as she was staring off in the distance contemplating what went wrong she noticed something.

The Jeep's license plate.

MMMBACON. I feel so honored to have been eating in the vicinity of such awesomeness.

Another weird thing about our meal. There was a guy with a golf club (he was behind the Range Rover in the picture) hitting baseball-sized trash across the corner. He was considerate enough to make sure no one was on the sidewalk around him while swinging, but the cars and pedestrians across the street weren't so lucky. Although no one really seemed to mind that much.

I ordered the Cuban sandwich which was good. The roast pork was excellent, special even. I prefer a little more pickle and roasted pepper action in my Cuban sandwiches, but the sandwich is worth getting for the roast pork alone. Mabel got chicken with mole. Everything was very nice and the price is great. I just wish the corn were more consistent.

Cafe Habana To Go
229 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012