Friday, August 1, 2008

Goldbud Farms

Two Thursdays ago (7/24/08) we received the best fruit Mabel and I have ever eaten.

I ordered a mixed box of yellow peaches, plums, and yellow and white nectarines from Goldbud Farms.

The fruit is picked tree-ripe, or almost-tree-ripe, so we had to eat quickly. I timed the shipment so my parents could help us eat it when they visited on Saturday. And we gave a few away.

After you eat this fruit, you will understand why we have fruit. When you eat a typical acidic plum or crunchy peach from the supermarket, it is difficult to imagine how that first person who ever ate a plum or peach loving it so much that it compelled him or her to plant orchards of it and go to the trouble of keeping the birds away. Supermarkets can give us inferior fruit because most of us have never had good, inspiring fruit. We've been systematically dumbed down on fruit. What we usually eat is a shadow of true fruit.

Ironically, it was a supermarket peach more than 10 years ago that first started me on a quest to find the perfect peach. It was in Pennsylvania. I was in a Giant supermarket with my mom. And I saw a bunch of fruit boxes stacked on top of each other, and there was a sign next to them saying that they were tree-ripe white peaches. They were individually wrapped in paper. And I got 2 or 3 of them. When I got back home, they were the sweetest, most perfectly ripe peaches I'd ever eaten in my life. That day I learned the meaning of ripeness. And I wanted more. But whenever I went back to Giant, they didn't have them. It was a total fluke.

I've eaten local peaches, even tree-ripe local peaches, from farmers' markets in PA and NY. But none of them matched the perfect texture and sweetness of that first, mythical white peach.

Until, of course, I ate the peaches and other fruit from Goldbud Farms. I found out about Goldbud Farms in a post about peaches on Serious Eats. The cost was high enough to make me wait a year to take the plunge. But I figured that even if I ordered 2 cases a year, I'd still spend less than a typical fruit eater would in a year, because I don't regularly eat fruit.

We ate the last of the fruit on Sunday for breakfast. The peaches were almost done for, having started to collapse in on themselves.

We had them with some of Ben and Azusa's hand-picked San Francisco blackberry preserves.

Update 8/11/08
I just found a post-it with the names of the fruit varieties on it. We got Artie Gross white nectarines, Red Top yellow peaches, Black Amber plums, and Summer Grant yellow nectarines.

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