Friday, August 1, 2008

Move in cheese

No internet in the apartment has made it difficult to keep up with my posts, so I'm in the NYU library getting them all out now.

Two Sundays ago (7/20/08), I picked up our first cheese from Murray's after moving to the Village. It was called Pyrenees Brebis. This is what Murray's Cheese has to say about it:
Pressed, uncooked raw sheep's milk from the French Pyrenees, aged for approximately five months. A small artisan production yields this dense ivory paste, smooth with unctuous butterfat. The yellowy orange rind is covered with a spattering of grey mold. The flavor is herbaceous, mild and compulsively edible. It's a staff favorite and one that sells incredibly well here at Murray's

We've been to Murry's several times in the past, but this visit marked the beginning of a new era.

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