Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tomme Crayeuse

This blog is starting to become our cheese log. Last Sunday, I picked up a wedge of Tomme Crayeuse. We now love this cheese. This is what Murray's has to say about it:
Crayeuse, meaning “Chalky,” is an integral characteristic of this raw cow’s milk cheese from Savoie. The cheese is set to age in a warm, moist cave which speeds ripening developing a thick, buttery paste. When moved to a cooler, drier cave, ripening shows, leaving an interior layer of dense, chalky paste. The flavor is complex: lactic, mushroomy, and earthy, with a stunning yellow-molded rind. The mold develops naturally as a result of cellulose in the cows’ diet. Aged for four to five months.

The rind is so good. The paste is good. Everything is awesome. It changes flavors in your mouth.

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