Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chateau Peyraud

Sherry-Lehmann does an "Unsung Heroes of Bordeaux" series where they pick lesser known reds from Bordeaux that are a good value. I picked out the cheaper ones from that series in a recent wine order, and Mabel and I have been going through them.

This bottle in particular was really good. This is Sherry-Lehmann's description:
Chateau Peyraud 2003

Powerful and full, the wine from this small estate neighboring St. Emilion offers great value in Bordeaux excellence. Look for some sweet tanins, woody aromas and some cassis on the nose and in the mouth. One of our most popular Unsung Heroes.

I think it's great. It was only $9.95, but I would never have guessed. I've been told that price does not correlate to quality or enjoyability of wine, and I've been wanting to believe it. This is the wine that demonstrates that point.

Chateau Peyraud 2003 o

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