Saturday, September 27, 2008

Labor Day weekend 2008

Last year we figured out that the city is deserted on Labor Day weekend. So it's a good time to eat out.

We started off Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend at the Greenmarket, which was less crazy than it usually is. We picked up some blackberry jam because our current supply was running out. We also bought some nectarines that were really good, and ripe.

We dropped off all our stuff and then ate lunch at Papatzul. Mabel was craving Mexican food, so I did a quick search at Serious Eats for their recommendations. Ed Levine really likes this place, so I figured we might too.

The place was completely empty, which was kind of a surprise. I mean, I expected things to be slow, but not that slow.

We liked this mask they had hanging up.

Anyway, the food was good. It was satisfying enough although the ceviche was a bit disappointing. I think this place would be nice place to eat out with friends.

On our way out, we passed this dog with white paws patiently waiting for its owner.

Mabel wanted to send a chocolates to a friend from Marie Belle, and it was just a few blocks from Papatzul. So we stopped by. I really like their hot chocolate. They do it european style where it is basically half chocolate and half water. By chocolate I mean a ground up chocolate bar. Comparing their hot chocolate to something like Swiss Miss is like comparing freshly squeezed orange juice to Orange drink. Not that there's anything wrong with Swiss Miss or Orange drink, but I'm just saying.

Anyway, we still had plenty of their hot chocolate at home, and we didn't feel like hanging out in their little cafe. We picked out a few pieces to send to Mabel's friend, and we headed home.

I got a flat tire on our way home! It was my first flat tire ever. It's not a great feeling. But I got it fixed at the Hub Station. I've since bought tougher tires.

We headed to Hudson River Park to hang out after getting my tire fixed.

Then we saw Elegy. Mabel thought it was too melodramatic. I thought it was pretty good, although it was strange that Penelope Cruz would have two darkroom scenes in two movies that were out at the same time. I mean, who even has a darkroom anymore?

After the movie got out, I thought it would be late enough to get a table at Blue Ribbon, but the wait was 1-2 hours. Geez, it's Labor Weekend. You'd think that all the cool kids would leave the city on a holiday weekend. We tried Blue Ribbon Bakery instead, which had a much shorter wait.

The food was really good. Their bone marrow was nice. I can't say it was awesome, but it was nice and more refined that I know how to make it. They sawed the bone length-wise so it was really easy to get the marrow out. And the marrow was pure white and smooth throughout. And it had a very mild flavor which I thought was nice but Mabel though was boring. They must have soaked that thing for a while, but still. I'm not sure how they got everything so perfect looking. The bread was more like potato bread, which i think is nicer for marrow. They served it with a red wine sauce.

We also split an order of grilled sardines which were good to eat.

Mabel got sweetbreads and I ordered the duck club. We switched halfway through. Mabel would go back for the duck club.

The thing that really sticks out in my memory, though, is their bacon bread. They give you a basket of assorted breads, and I was eating a piece that looked innocent enough, until I realized there were little chunks of bacon in them! What an awesome thing to do. Bacon bread.

The next day we got Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn with some friends. I like that place. We went to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for desert.

I'm not up on my Godzilla monsters, but that mascot looks a lot like Anguirus. I wonder what the story is behind that.

They have good ice cream. Lot's of different flavors, although they seemed to be out of a number of them when we were there. It's a little icier than I though it would be, but that's probably because I've been getting a little too used to ultra-premium ice cream and gelato. This place makes old school ice cream.

55 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013

Marie Belle
484 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013

Blue Ribbon Bakery
35 Downing St (at Bedford)
New York, NY 10014

Golden Unicorn Restaurant
18 E. Broadway
New York, NY 10002

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
65 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10013

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