Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I stayed home to write today, so I biked over to Minca for lunch.

I'd never been. I tried going last Sunday, but it was really hot and humid and Minca didn't have their air conditioning on. So I went to Setagaya instead. (Where I bumped into my old med school roommate, Brian, who had his bike tied to the same parking meter as mine. What a coincidence!)

Anyway, it was a cool day today. Perfect for ramen.

I got there at 12:15, and I was the only customer for 45 minutes. They gave me a bottomless glass of cold barley tea, the kind I grew up drinking, and I ordered the miso ramen.

It was perfect. All the preserved vegetables, the pork, the corn, the broth, the egg, the sprouts, the noodles, were in perfect chewy, soy-filled harmony. It was beautiful and delicious, and such large portions.

536 E 5th St (btn Ave A & B)
New York, NY 10009

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